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best laptop for me? serious answers please, thank you?

im looking to buy a laptop. the price has to be no more than over £600. im in the uk aswell if that makes a difference. this is what i will be using it for - School essays - browsing internet, social media - editing photos and video ( i make youtube videos) - music ( i will be storing quite a bit of music) - downloading and storing movies and tv shows -i will be burning cds and dvds - i will be listening to cds and playing dvds - i will be using it at home primarily so i wont require an AMAZING battery life but still a decent one - most importantly, i will be using it to play the sims 3 plus all its expansion packs and maybe a few other games but probably just all sims 3. so im not sure what requirements i will need to perform all these things i know i will need a decent amoujnt of gb. and decent RAM or memory. but i nave no idea abotu graphics cards, sound cards, processor and all that kinda stuff so if you guys could help me out with a general idea of what im looking for in that respect for anyone that takes the time to actually answer this, thank you ! Regards, Robyn

2012-11-18 20:23:33

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