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Agree or disagree: the steeler have the best(or top 5) offense in the NFL?

When they are full heathy look at there skill position players QB: Big Ben- at top 5 QB RB: Rashard Mendenhall- a good runner who can give you 80-100 a game. More shifty RB: Johnathan Dwyer-a good back who has blossomed this year. Can be Feneise but can power run RB: Isaic Redmen: Sam as rashard WR: Mine Wallace: a top 5-10 wideout WR: Antonio Brown: a great 2nd option, top 3 NO.2 WR in the game WR. Emanuel Sanders: much like mic and Brown, top 3-5 3rd option WR: Plaxico Burres: great new addition and redzone target. Still a very good wide out WR: Jericho Cothery: look at Plaxico Burres TE: Heath Miller: has become one of the best tieght ends in the game. Definitely pro bowl bound. A great Reciving and blocking end So what do u think. Great offense+NO.1 D=? I believe if they can bring this offense and D + Troy they can go far

2012-11-20 23:24:24

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