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orthopedic question help?

So i went to a orthopedic and he took some xrays athis office, of my right shoulder and right hip (overall i have alot of pain on the right side of my body. When he saw the xrays, he told me everything was fine. However, i kept telling him i have pa in on the right side of my body, eslecially my right lower back and right shoulder . He told me he will get an xray of the right shoulder and right lower back for me. Once i left, i forgot to mention to him that i also havae alot of pain on the right lower leg. What i want to know is would it be possible for him to prescribe an mri of the right leg as well. I mean overall i have pain in the right side of my body, and being that he found nothing wrong skeletally, then there must be something musclearily. Would i be able to ask for this through the phone, or would i have to come in again.

2012-11-28 01:44:12

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