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How can I tell what my brothers do on my computer?

I have two computers. My laptop, and my desktop. Ever since I got my laptop back up and running, my two brothers (Mainly my older brother) have just taken over my desk computer. Playing games and downloading stuff. I'm worried about viruses and such, I don't want to have to reinstall the OS. For now I've just locked the computer up. I installed avg and ran virus scans, with no results. But the computer has been acting odd. Here's some questions I'm very curious about: 1. How can I tell what sites they visit? I know firefox has a private browsing mode that doesn't save history. And if my older brother were to visit certain kinds of sites.. (You probably know what I'm getting at) He would use that. Is there any way to tell what sites they visit? 2. A similar question. If they download stuff and delete it from the downloads list in firefox, how can I tell what they downloaded? Is there some kind of way to check everything that goes on on the computer? I'd really like to know what went on.. All answers are appreciated!

2012-12-05 09:10:39

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