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Should I take my car to a shop to get diagnosed or start with a tune up to save money?

My 93 Chrysler labaron I bought a year and half ago. I keep up with oil changes but haven't done a full tune up. Plugs wires dist cap fuel filter yet. Lately my car is burning through oil ( not leaking) whenever it's idle it falls lower then 1000 rpm almost stalls , then revs back up and repeats. I live in Michigan so the cold could have a little to do with it. Within the past month more and more often while I'm keeping a steady speed it sputters and and and I get no power but it never stalls out or dies, it always catches and keeps driving , someways it's worse sometimes drives almost normal , also when I use power windows or turn heat on it makes head lights dim and draws from the motor like it makes it lose power. Any ideas or advice as to what my first step should be? Thank u very much for your time and answers

2013-03-15 09:53:10

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