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Selling fake jerseys after getting scammed?

Hi, I recently bought an order of 10 jerseys from China that i later discovered were fake. I wanted to keep some and give a couple to a friend and was thinking of posting a few for sale on ebay. However I read about the insane penalties for selling fake jerseys even if advertised as such so I pulled my items from ebay and no jerseys were sold and no money was ever made so that is fine. My question is that sometimes i get some jerseys from a thrift shop that so far have been all real and I sometimes have resold them on ebay. If I get one of these jerseys and they turn out to be fake without my knowledge how I am supposed to know and can i be held responsible for selling fake jerseys when they were bought in the U.S. from stores with no intention of scamming anyone. With so many fake jerseys out there I dont understand how they can justify this. Also what should I do with the fake jerseys, I love the jerseys and plan to keep some but it looks like there is no way to sell them even at the price i got them for.

2013-03-15 09:52:33

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