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if a police officer pulls you over but doesn'tt take any paperwork,can you receive a ticket in post?

I was driving and the surface was wet, I skidded, and parked up to go into a superstore, a policeman drove at the side of me, got out and asked what had happened. I explained I wasnt sure and he said my driving was bad in the conditions, I apologised and said I wasnt sure what had happened, he was abit unfriendly to be honest but his partner was friendly, they didnt ask for any paperwork, just said I was lucky I didnt crash and if I drove like that again I would be lucky if I didnt get points or a fine. It honestly wasnt my fault but I just apologised anyway as he was quite intimidating and stood very close. They then drove off. I was wondering, if there is a chance he would send a ticket in the post for something? or would he have to have looked at my details and not just rely on my registration, if they did take it. He didnt even ask to see my license? Any advise would be very appreciated. I have a clean license and I am usually a very careful driver.

2013-03-15 09:47:44

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