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I can't go in my room giant centipede HELP?

I was about to sit down in my bed and read my book for school but as soon as I open my door I see a huge black multi-legged fast creepy and most horrific bug I have ever seen crawling on my wall so I screamed. It just stood still on my wall once I screamed and I didn't make one step further. I got my mom and she got up close and said it was a centipede and ran out of my room. I closed the door and ran downstairs and now I can't go in my room forever. I reminded myself that I am a 15 year old man and went in with some newspaper but it is nowhere to be found. I am afraid to go into my room until I kill it so how do I find this demon because I need to finish my homework and go to sleep because I got 2 tests this week and I can't be distracted help! Also, it rained all day and my window is broken so it doesn't shut fully so maybe it came through the crack. How do I find this monster?

2012-12-05 09:16:48

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