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is it weird he never calls me?

we're long distance and i just noticed we barely ever talk on the phone he did tell me he's not really a phone person but i think its obvious that we should talk more since we cant see each other everyday... i asked him is there a reason why we dont talk, he said no so i got kind of mad you know, cause theres no reason that we cant but he just never tried then he says i could of called him too and if i wanted to talk, he would call me but for some reason im just more mad at the fact he doesnt try or put effort into it i even tell him sometimes that i love random calls, and nothing.. now that i told him i want to talk, it just feels forced and i dont like it makes me feel more demanding rather than wanted.. idk im still kind of mad but i let it go, kind of. i just wanted to know if im making any sense of this

2013-03-15 09:48:41

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