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Who sings the greek song leyla or LEILA?

who sings the greek song leyla. its from the 60's and all my mom can remember is leyla leyla leyla if spelled right and its by a guy singing and its not a slow song its like music stratos kyprios sings but its not him. Again its a greek song and is song in greek and not a traditional greek song. If your greek and good with music and like 70 and 60s leika from like manolis aggelopoulos, yota lidia and many more as good as them your be able to help P.S it is not an english song that has to do with greeks. Its song in greek and a laika song like i said before and it isn't Eric Clapton. So don't answer with an english song or an english artist or say its Eric Clapton because im 1000% its not him, he isnt greek,singing in greek and isnt some one else singing the same song Thanks

2012-12-05 09:13:59

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