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Is it normal my 8 month oold acts like this?

I have an 8 month old and she's constantly crying the whole day. Even when im holding her she's still crying and shes not just complaining. She's having temper-tantrums.She's fighting her sleep and will never just asleep on her own. At night she crys for an hour or two fighting sleep before she will actually fall asleep.She won't play with her toys or go in anything.There's nothing wrong with her because she's been to the Drs plenty of times.She's fed and changed. She doesn't want to crawl around or do anything.The only thing that makes her stop crying is taking her for walks multiple times a day. Noone will watch her for me anymore even for just a few minutes and i was told that she is the hardest baby they ever had to watch and she has watched more than 20 babies. She fights everything even changing a diaper.She won't play with a toy in her hand while i change it.She screams the whole time and trys to crawl off and turns.At night she's up every few hours still and during the day shes not really napping much. I tried everything. I know she's not in pain because as long as i do what she wants which is taking her outside she will stop. Everyone tells me she seems very hyper active for an 8 month old.I try my best to make her happy but nothing makes her happy.What seems like the problem?Please and Thank You.

2013-03-19 02:56:33

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