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can you rate my rap verse ?

i know that these words won't be better than pac's rhymes, it's just that another way i couldn't find, to open my chest and tell ya what's inside, the bottom of my heart and mind, mama my love for ya reaches the infinity, if i'm troubled, it's your face and voice that always brings me serenity, if i ever needed an advice it was you who was guiding me, mama without ya in this world i would go blind, cause my world is lighted by your face that shines, you're the one that always gets me on track if i fell out of line, you're the only precious thing that i can proudly say it's mine, mom you did more than enough, now it's time for you to relax and lay back, now it's my turn to watch your back, my mind was cloudy but pac finally made me understand, that you are appreciated.

2013-03-21 01:28:52

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