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What can i do to learn how to catch a football?

Okay so check this out. I am a pretty good football player well in my opinion. I am pretty well rounded and i can do almost anything on the field at any position more importantly a linebacker. BUT I CANNOT CATCH THE BALL....TO SAVE........MY......................LIIIIIIFFFFFFFEEEEE!!!! I have NO idea why, but i can never, ever catch the ball. I dont know what it is, is it that i get nervous when i see it coming towards me, is it that i have no hand-eye coordination? I dont know! And the worst part is is that im a high school varsity player for one of the biggest teams in my state! Talk about sad.... But what can i do?! I really wanna learn how to catch because it will not only increase my skill as a linebacker but it will REALLY boost my confidence. I really wanna learn how to catch no matter what the task may be so if you have anything that worked for you or someone you may know PUT IT IN THE JAR.

2013-03-21 01:33:29

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