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What is the diagnosis - Herniated disk?

What is the diagnosis - Herniated disk? I think this sounds like a herniated disk, what do you think? A 43 year-old college professor tried to push his car, which was caught in a snowdrift, and immediately suffered sudden and severe pain in the lower back. He felt as if something “snapped” in the lower part of his spine. Later, his pain extended down the posterior aspect of his right thigh and leg. He also noticed some numbness and tingling over the lateral part of his right left, foot, and little toe. He reports that for several years past he has had episodes of “bad back”, particularly after lifting heavy objects from a stooping position. Examination findings: During the history taking the patient complains he has a dull ache in the lower back and the pain goes down his leg when he is straining and coughing. There is a diminution in the spinal lumbar curve and a tilt of the trunk to the left side. Because of his pain he has marked limitation of movement in the lumbar spinal column. Raising and extending the right leg is extremely painful, weakness in plantar flexion of his right foot as well as some loss of sensory perception over the dorsal side of the right fourth and fifth toes

2012-09-27 16:12:48

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