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Will I lose weight If I diet and only exercise a few times a week?

I know I can haha, but in a day? In the past when I've wanted to lose weight fast. I go on a low calorie diet (eat healthy) also drink only water no juice or anything and exercise for about 2 hours a day while staying active throuout the day And I see results within 2 days. I started dieting yesterday,( I have very little belly fat btw I almost have a six pack) I'm trying to lose a little fat so my abs will show. I did a few ab workout yesterday because I haven't had time to go out for a run and workout this week. Today I won't have time to work out, but I'm eating very healthy and low calories. Will I lose a significant amount of weight in a week or so with this intense diet and intense workouts about 3 times a week with like a ten minute workout on the days I can't workout for a good two hours? Is it possible to lose weight with only dieting and very light worklouts like once a week?

2013-04-16 21:15:27

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