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Can I get feedback on this poem?

Every time I see you my heart flutters. But we can’t be together. I’d rather brave certain death than to endure the muttering. Not that it would matter. Your heart doesn't recognize my love. It’s on a different level altogether. And mine can’t climb that ladder. You’re the only one for me. But I’m not the only one for you. You may have a clue, I don’t know. All I know is that my love doesn't register. You can’t feel what I feel no matter how hard you may try. One may wonder why I don’t move on, why I don’t admit defeat. The answer is that I can’t, this feeling just won’t leave. You may not be capable of feeling the same way I do. But it doesn't stop me from dreaming. It doesn't stop me from hoping one day you will see. And as long as you acknowledge, it will make me happy.

2013-04-16 21:20:43

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