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How to play an instrument at home?

Hey guys, i'm 13.. I wanna start playing electric guitar at home. i'm gonna look for a good teacher around my area or music school idk not sure but just something that teaches me how to play an electric guitar. well, i wanna practice at home too sometimes. But the problem is that i live in a quite small apartment and my dad would beat me up if he hears me playing an instrument and at home. I'm doing electric guitar because i simply love it. I love post-hardcore music and electric guitar is mostly a part of that. Not that i wanna be in a band myself, i'm just a really depressed person that's also quite suicidal because of all the depression and i live in a place where therapists have never never never never never never never solved a single depression case. That's also why this country has the 2nd highest suicide rate on official statistics. Oh well, i find that playing an electric guitar would cool down my depression. So, can anyone help me with how i can still play my instrument at home without having my dad hear it?

2013-04-16 21:25:35

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