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advice on weight loss?

im 25, 5ft7 and weigh 66kgs, so im not terribly over weight but i have been trying to lose a couple of kilos for two months and nothing is happening. i want to lose a few inches around my waste and tone my arms and thighs, i know that you cant target fat loss but my measurements or weight haven't changed at all before i started i was eating three meals a day, swimming for an hour two nights a week, cycling for and hour one night a week and im a veterinary nurse so im on my feet most of the day. i did snack occasionally, but i dont think my diet was too bad. i ate a lot of soups, yogurts and lean meat. everything is cooked under the grill or in the oven, never fried. now i have cut down my portion size to about 3/4 of what it was and have cut out high fat foods like cheese. i now swim 3 nights a week and cycle 2 nights. my question is why im not not seeing any changes. im not into restrited diets or calorie counting just wanted to know if there are any particular foods that i should avoid or any tips that might be helpful. thanks in advance

2013-04-16 21:20:18

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