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does it hurt to get teeth pulled out?

I went to the orthodontist today for the first time to see if I need braces and my teeth don't look that bad to me but my two front teeth at the top stuck out 8.5mm when he measured, and there is crowding in my mouth. For the past week I was really worried that they wouldn't let me have braces because my teeth don't look too bad to me although my top front teeth stick out quite far and 2 of my bottom teeth overlap. The reason i want braces is because I want straight teeth and if I get to like 25 years old an my teeth get worse and I decide I hate my teeth then I will have to pay like £2000. Anyway the orthodontist said I need braces and then he said but i need 4 teeth to be pulled out so there is enough room. I've never had any procedure on my teeth apart from a regular checkup at the dentist which obviously doesn't count. I'm really scared because I think it will hurt and even with numbing stuff I will feel in pain because as awkward as this is, my teeth will be being yanked out of my mouth despite not being able to feel it I will still feel pain like on telly if someone had to have teeth taken out i would have so much sympathy for them I can feel some sort of pain too. So I'm basically saying I will have sympathy for myself. :) Does it hurt to get 4 teeth pulled out?

2013-04-16 21:30:22

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