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Large video file to dvds?

I have video file which is 13 GB in size mpeg 2 format ! Now how to make dvds of that large file with same or different dvd menu. I tried nero and one of its function span disc but not able to create menue for one or more dvds. I tried splitting files in winrar but after split job is done not able to open single file because when I extract the first part of the movie it asks or goes for second,third,fourth part and combine them again in a big file as before. I want to split them files in few parts which can fit on 4.7 dvd and create menue as I like for each dvd and burn them. When I burnt this big file with one of the nero feature job done and I was quite happy after burning complete I played dvd on normal dvd player shocked and made me think "WHY" the quality of movie was pretty good before make this dvd but on dvd player I hardly can see faces of people colour quality rubbish. Please help how big movies can be burn on more than one 4.7gb dvds with menu.

2013-04-22 19:13:54

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