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Is this saying she likes me or is flirting?

One of my best friends is 15 and I'm 17. We're both high school girls. When we txt I tend to say I will bite u And she always says well bring it on sucker and we always start like *bites Ur arm soft* them she says *bites Ur arm and does t let go and then it goes to us biting eachothers neck but then she says to stop and say no more so we stop. Then she always says that she loves me and Mean alot to her and when we are on the phone she's always smiling and laughing and we can't stop. When were in person she tends to be really shy towards me and doesn't talk but when we txt we arnt shy at all and when we hung out one day she was staring at me and wouldn't stop and smiled at me as says she wants to play fight with me. What do u think ?

2013-04-26 13:38:35

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