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my mom is mad at me how can make her unmad?

Ok so my mom works at night so she comes in the morning and she comes in my room when im sleeping and she smells my room and shes like why does it smell so good in here? and me not being a morning person told her to get out then she starts going through MY STUFF (that i paid for by babysitting the neighbors!) so this gets me mad then she leaves WITHOT CLOSING THE DOOR now closing the door isnt a big deal but i dont have a lock on my door so i never ever get any privacy my family comes in and takes the stuff i payed for annoy me and now she is saying that i can make my own lunch for school i can walk to school SHE IS ACTING LIKE A CHILD geez what do i do to make her unmad?

2013-04-26 13:38:51

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