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What should I do next with this guy?

I kissed him in a party (club), and we ended up at my place to sleep because it was closer. He is very cute and gentle and really considering and polite. We slept together and kissed a lot, and stayed till next day afternoon(sunday) at my place, then he left. We added eachother in facebook when we were together as I really liked him. I gave him my number to add me in whatsapp (the day after, in facebook), but he thanked and said he will, but he still hasn't, but we chatted in fb last night and arranged to meet tonight in a bar which is not too far from my place, at 20:00. So, how should I continue? I also like to have his number and see his place. He is living with one other guy in a shared flat. It is farther than my place. Like 35 min. I like to have a respectful relationship. He is going to become a teacher in 2 years. We are in late 20s. How should I proceed to make it a better relationship?

2013-04-26 13:43:42

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