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What do I do about my ex?

This was a lesbian relationship just for a bit more insight. Me and my ex broke up around 2 months ago now but everything has been really complicated since. We broke up due to something which I think personally is a bit ridiculous which could have been resolved but she didn't think that. We broke up due to me being a bit paranoid over someone she was talking to and I had discussed this with one of my friends who told me I was over thinking everything so I decided not to bring this up with my ex at the time, We had just been out for a meal and she was texting one of our friends when she mentioned something to do with me in the messages I asked what this was and she began to tell me. The way she put it was that before we got together and knew each other that she was getting to know someone else and that they stopped talking but began speaking again whilst we were together. Our friend was asking if anything happened between us whether she would go to the person in question her reply was no because I do not want anything to happen between Lauren (me) and myself I love her. Out of curiosity I asked who the girl in question was and behold it was the person I had been a bit paranoid over her talking to. This caused an argument as she said you let yourself get wound up and didn't think to talk to me about it I said how I thought it was me over thinking and that I had discussed this with one of my friends but she didn't see it that way she saw it as I wasn't happy in the relationship for months. I showed her a couple of the messages between me and my friend where we had discussed the situation but didn't realise what else was on my phone in the discussions. Towards the beginning of the relationship I didn't think I could cope. I suffer with high anxiety and I was undergoing a lot of stress from being in a relationship and spoke to my friend unsure of what to do. My friend asked if I would take time from the relationship I said no and my ex read this. Yet again we argued she was saying how the whole time she thought everything was fine and let her guard down it really wasn't and that she felt she had been taken for a mug. We broke up a couple of days later due to the arguing and she couldn't seem to get past what had happened. A couple of weeks later we met up which was extremely difficult and we ended up sleeping together and this has been happening ever since. I love her and she still says she feels the same she says the reason we keep sleeping together is because in that time we forget everything what happened and that closeness is back. All I want is to have her back but she is now sort of seeing this other girl but says she hasn't moved on is still saying she loves me and we still keep sleeping together. I do not know what to do I love her and want her back everything is messing with my mind any suggestions to either get her back or something like that? I was thinking about telling her to wait until I am on my feet because I haven't been stable living for a while and should be sorted in the next few weeks and to decide what she wants either she has her and that is it or yeah.

2013-04-26 13:44:47

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