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Black Ops 2 Connection Interrupted after that I get kicked out?

I had enough of this! It's been 3 straight days since I can't play Black Ops 2 normally everytime I join a match it will be okay but after a few minutes it gets the connection interrupted sign and then I get kicked from the game but for no reason it tries to go back to the match but of course they fail. After having awaiting connection 11 it quits! Boom Probation! I'm sick of it, it's wasting my time. Please help me. Is it my internet because I feel it isn't because it's fast and when I play on my PS3 it's slow. Just tell me a solution to this or I'll go nuts! If hasn't been sold for one week I may break my ps3 and just wait for the next xbox, **** PS3!

2013-04-26 13:58:11

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