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my boyfriend isn't speaking to me and it's my birthday next week, what shall i do?

Hi. So on Monday my boyfriend asked to see me in the evening and i said i couldn't because i had to do some work and he was like yeah that's fine, so i said i can see u tomorrow evening? and he said yeah just text me or something. i didn't text him because i was so ill and in bed all day.. so i text him the next day arranging to meet and he never replied. i text him again in the evening to give him a nudge, and the day after too, being a bit jokey like "was someone being grumpy yesterday?!" and telling him about how poorly i felt.. still no reply, but he's been on facebook and everything. So he hasn't spoken to me since monday basically, and it's my birthday in 4 days (thursday), i don't want to text him again, but i'm really scared he's going to break up with me, if your girlfriend texts you saying shes ill and feeling down, why would you just ignore her? Should i stick to the not texting him, is he just being stubborn? what if he doesnt text me by tuesday, (two days before my birthday) i have a meal planned with him and our friends.. i don't even know if he's coming ! and if I do text him what should i say? so stuck!

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