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I think my female cat will kill new kitten ?

I have a 3 year old spades female cat that I got from the humane society last year. Just the other day a got a 5 week old male kitten and I tried introducing it to my older cat and the older cat hissed at it and I let the small kitten get close to the older cat and the older cat striked at it. And I quickly grabbed the kitten when I leave the house I have a kitten carrier cage thing that I keep him. So the other cat doesn't try to fight it. If I let the kitty loose while the other cat is in the house and let the kitty approach it after the older cat hisses to it will my older cat try to kill it if I don't do anything or try to stop it or if I'm not there will it scratch up the cat and try to kill it or just beat it up ? Should I not even try this I don't know what to do

2013-05-02 03:40:53

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