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My girlfriend beats me up! Please help!?

My girlfriend is very mean to me. One time we were watching t.v at my house and she got mad that one of the characters died and hurled the remote across the room and hit me in the eye. Also, she gets mad at my house and breaks my lamps, cupboards, she slams my doors and they break when she gets mad, and one time she grabbed my prize golf club and started hitting my car with it. She dented the heck out of it and destroyed my club. Also I was making eggs for her when she was mad and when grabbed my hand and shoved it onto the burning pan. So one time I started yelling at her and she punched me harder than I thought a girl could punch right in my b*lls. I actually had to go to the hospital. So this morning when she came I threw all her d*ldos out the window at her cuase I had had enough and she said she was coming tomorrow to teach me a lesson. What do I do! She said if I break up with her she will reach up my *ss, grab my liver and rip it out! What do I do!

2013-05-02 03:39:33

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