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Help!What should i do about kyle?

So there is this guy I'm falling hard for.I'm not eating or sleeping and he's all I think about.I feel annoying when I text him (and ill only text like twice then stop)but I feel unimportant if I don't get a text I'm gonna hangout with him at a concert for our mutual friend's band.what can I do to find out if he likes me? P.S.I'm 16 and he's 17 I have known him since I was 12 but haven't seen him in 3 years Oh and he knows I like him and he's a huge flirt(in general cause he's single.what 17 year old boy isn't a flirt when they're single)I just wanna know if he feels even nearly the same as I do.

2013-05-02 03:44:25

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