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It's clear he's interested, but why isn't he excited?

I've been chatting w/ this guy I worked w/ last summer. He didn't add me until the end of the season, Then he asked me if remembered who he was. (& of course i did! All the girls think he's attractive) We've talked on FB since last summer, and we talk mostly about food, life, work, and stuff of that sort. He compliments me in ways that are subtle, and not straightforward. And once he called me baby and asked me to come over to sled. He always starts our convos. once he also said he'd message my feet. When i see him at our summer job, he just waves, and we have very short casual convos. Later that night he mesages me on FB, and says he's glad he got to see me. Do you think it's weird that texting has never been mentioned? What do you think about this? since the season started he has mad tons of friends with gorgeous girls on FB. Maybe it's cause he's older? I'm 19 he's 25.

2013-05-02 03:41:44

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