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Would I make an okay football player?

Ok, so I'm a 13 year old girl, 5'8 and weighs 235lbs. The other girl on our football team like, plopped down in my lap, and she's as big as me, an inch or two shorter maybe. So, naturally, I take her by her t-shirt and throw her off of me easily. She landed on the floor, then told me I should play. My father supports me, my mother is concerned with injuries because she's afraid I will end up being a tackle or guard, which I am we'll aware of. I can throw a football with a spiral, and I'm bigger than most of the guys at my school that play football. I have only watched football games, but I kinda know the positions and who's who, and the layout of the field. Plus, I plan on being in marching band, so along with my own exercise program to get more muscle, I'll have the band program, and possibly football. I'm still kinda unsure, though. Any opinions?

2013-05-02 03:44:11

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