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Horrible coach! What do you think?

I'm a freshman in college playing on a very good team. The problem is, is that my coach is slightly psychotic, and basically hates me. Before you go and say that she's simply "being difficult because she cares/wants to push me harder/etcetera, etcetera", I'll stop you right there because that is absolutely not the case. My coach is a bitter, immature and unreasonable woman who has disliked me long before we ever even met face to face, for reasons I've yet to find out. Now, I've done everything I could've possibly done to prove myself, always giving 150% on the court and winning some of the season's most important matches. My wonderful coach, however, has never once given me credit for any of my work... in fact, she seems to actually get angrier when I do well in important matches, and honestly, I don't understand it. My confidence has been obliterated, she's made sure of that; and she has put a good amount effort into ruining my overall self esteem. To top it all off, I just learned yesterday that she's kicking me off of the team and replacing me with a much weaker player... even my teammates cannot believe what she's doing. My parents have complained, of course, but since she's the high-and-mighty head coach of such a "great" team, not much is going to be done, really. Ugh... what are your opinions?

2013-05-02 03:49:13

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