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Is it a bad idea to feed strays?

I am a HUGE animal lover!!! I have been feeding strays for a long time and alot of people think I shouldnt. I go to college 3 days a week and there are 2 stray dogs on the side of the road. They will not come to me at all so I leave them food out and they eat it. I live in a small town so i cant get animal control to come out. Its not like they care. About a week ago I seen another stray dog on my way to work. He looked so sad so I had to pull over and give him some food. I'll feed him every few days whenever I see him. Am I suppose to continue to feed them? What do I do? I cant just sit back and ignore whats happening to these animals. They wont come to me. Am I just making things worse?

2013-05-02 03:52:21

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