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Hi , all as a certificate level student i have to answer the question by today, i am really trying this, but could not bring the correct answer as well... Pearl started a Push Cart business in November 2011. The following were his business transactions: Nov 01Owner started business with cash in business bank account$10,000 Nov 03Purchase goods on credit $2,500 Nov 06Paid salaries to Admin Staff by cheque $800 Nov 13Credit sales $1,890 Nov 20Partial payment to Account Payable by cheque $1,000 Nov 30Owner withdrew cash for personal use $200 Note: Use "Cash at bank" account for all transactions involving cash and cheques. Required: a)Journalise the above business. Narration not required) b)Post the above transactions to the appropriate Ledgers. (Any format accepted) c) Extract a trial balance as at 30 November 2011

2013-05-02 03:46:40

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