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Pain in the heel and ankle area?

So i fell the other day skating and i think i landed on my left foot wrong and at first, it hurt to put weight on that foot. And slowly, it progressed into ankle area pains. At first i thought it was plantar fasciitis, and it might be. But my heel/ankle area is swollen, like the sides where the Calcaneofibular ligament is, and the opposite side of it. It still hurts to put weight on that foot and ive been trying to put it off for a week+ now and now its starting to get worse and worse, i also walk alot, like to school and such, and i've been walking on my toes. Im wondering if its just a sprain or plantar fasciitis. What do you guys think because i dont have time to go to the doctor to get it checked. Should i just ice it and take ibuprofen until the swelling goes down?

2013-05-02 03:44:29

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