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Should I fight my chase bank for this?

I used an ATM machine that was out of money. I tried to with draw 120.00 no money was given to me. Two days later I notice a pending amount on my card I called Chase let them know about the situation. I was told they would take care of it. Days later I tried to pay my rent on the 7th of May . The amount on -122.75 was on my account. The woman I spoke to stated no one took care of the situation and she would reinburse me the 122.75 plus other charges that were made for them holding this amount agaist me. becaue the situation was not taken care of when I first reported it I now have a 120 late fee for my rent. My apartnment stated there is nothing to be done unless chase will waive the fees for me. I called chase they stated nothing could be done because the fee was reinbursed the day it was reported. i bought it up to their attention that I had called days before to take care of the situation and was told not to worry about it. They state nothing can be done because it was not a chase atm. Now should I continue to fight chase bank or should I contact the atm company? I dont believe I should be responsible for these late fee charges since my bank did not make the money avalible to me even though I called days after to report that there was a pending fee that I did not make.

2013-05-10 21:38:44

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