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What videos should I upload to YouTube?

Hey everyone, I really want to start a channel on YouTube, I had one before that I did loads of Call of Duty on and got to around 210 subscribers. I've got the name for my new channel and I made the channel! Now comes the difficult part, what to upload! I would love to do Call of Duty videos and I have an Elgato Game Capture HD or just funny videos like GTA or something like that and I need to set up what videos I should do. I'm trying not to sound like a douche but I kind of want to get a lot of subscribers, here are my video options: Call of Duty - High Zombie Rounds (70+) / Zombies Live Streams/ Call of Duty News About future cods and updates etc. (Like Ali-A) or just upload random Call of Duty videos. Advantages of CoD: Easy to edit, a lot of people love Call of Duty etc. Disadvantages: A LOT of people do CoD which means it would probably be extremely hard just to hit 5k subscribers. Call of Duty - Funny Montages (Like KYR SP33DY) So I think Call of Duty is a bit overdone on YouTube so I was thinking of a few other possibilities: Indie Games - I will edit out all the boring stuff, so the videos are really funny! (Hopefully!) I will play games like Slender, Amnesia, The Hidden (Half-Life 2 Multiplayer Gamemode) and perhaps you could relate these type of videos to YouTubers such as Seananners, ComedyShortsGamer or PewDiePie. Disadvantages of Indie Games: Expensive (Have to buy lots of games on Steam, Internet etc.) Need a HD Webcam (Got one I just need to sort out the drivers etc.) I don't really have a 'crew' to play these games with :( Minecraft Animation: I have Cinema 4D which is amazing for animation, especially Minecraft and I'm pretty good at it so I could go for Animation, plus there are not many Minecraft animators on YouTube ( DigBuildLive, SlamacowCreations etc.) therefore I have a higher chance of getting noticed. Advantages: Not many people do Minecraft Animation. Disadvantages: Videos TAKE AGES to make sometimes! Please help me out, I really need to decide what to do, and I've come to a point where Yahoo Answers could possibly help me out a lot. So please help, what videos should I upload, thanks in advance!

2013-05-10 21:36:47

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