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What should i do about him ?

ok so me and my friend were best friends but he went to a different school than me . We used to hang out and talk a lot. This year i was so excited because he was coming to my school . When he came me and him talked a lot and we went out for a week, but then as the year started going faster me and him didnt talk as much . He has been going out with my other friend for 5 months and ever since they been going out he didnt tlk to me anymore . Then one night he told me that he thought i was fake, and tht i followed his gf around ( we were like best friends so me and her hung out a lot ) . He really hurt my feelings . Now he hates me and i ddint do anything i stopped hanging out with his gf , nd i was independent . But my problem now is that i really miss him (as a friend) but then i remember he doesnt like me ( as a friend) anymore . What should i do ?? Should i talk to him ??

2013-05-10 21:35:30

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