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Is it bad that I don't want to text/call her anymore?

(I'm 15 and a girl) There's this girl that I knew through our mutual friends in 7th grade. We exchanged numbers and stuff, we didn't know each other that well, it was just always like a hi and bye thing. She would sometimes try to talk to me. Anyway, when I moved to a different state in 8th grade, we began to text like crazy and almost everyday. We would talk about how's school and life going on. We did this for about 2 years. So last year we started to become distance and not text each other. I tried to text but she didn't reply so I gave up texting her. In the summer, I went back to my home town and went to a high school that was not too distance from hers. I saw her walking home when me and my dad were driving by. In December I went back to go live with my mom bcuz me and my dad had issues. When I came back, she texted me out of the blue. So I was like okkkkkk. We kinda caught up but it was "ehhhhh". After that day we texted again. Then two weeks later we texted again. After that I lost her number but I didn't really care. I wished she texted me back but she didn't for 3 months. Today she texted me, but I didn't bother to text back. I'm just mad. I don't wanna text her anymore.

2013-05-10 21:36:56

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