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How do I get over my paranoia with my pets?

I remember everything a little too clearly. March 1, 2013. I'd lost one of my three dogs ten days ago. I'm sipping coffee when I walk into the other room to find my second dog lying on the floor, her eyes wide and bright, her tongue blue and rubbery. She's still warm, but she isn't breathing. While driving her to the vet I am unnaturally calm, perhaps from shock. Until the very last second, I believe that she's alive, just in a deep coma, until that very moment that the vet confirms that she's not. She died of a heart attack. I wasn't there when my first dog died, and my second one died so suddenly that until very recently, I couldn't even believe it. I'd have dreams where my dog wasn't actually dead, and it had all been a big, comical misunderstanding. But the reason I'm wondering if I should see a shrink is because I have become utterly paranoid. We bought a new puppy. Along with my third dog, I now have two pets. I keep such a strict eye on them that it isn't even funny. When they're asleep, I actually check to see if they're breathing. I sometimes actually *wake them up* from their naps to check on them. I'm so, so scared that one of them will die and that I won't even be aware of it. I'm especially worried for my older dog because of his age. With him, everything from the smallest scratch on his skin to a harmless lump seems fatal. He doesn't eat properly since I lost my other pets, and I unless I sit with him and coax him to eat, he doesn't even touch his food. This doesn't really help my paranoia. Am I ever going to get over this or do I need to see a therapist? Also, I'm sorry if you don't think this is in the right section. I wasn't sure where to put it.

2013-05-10 21:43:42

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