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What does it mean if a girl looks into your eyes for a long time ?

I go to a group meeting every week. During the group we have to say whats on our mind. So the attention came to me to mention what was on my mind. After I said what was on my mind I looked up and this girl was looking at me and smiling. I dont normally say anything. When I finished and it came to the person next to me to speak, she stopped smiling at him. On monday morning, I caught her out the corner of my eyes looking at me from my shoes upwards, kinda like looking me up and down but the other way around. Then on monday a member said that I gave them really good feedback in art that helped them and said I was smart. The attention the came to me and I said a few things and then the attention went else where. Then I notice the woman (the one who I caught looking me up and down, and the one who smiled at me) sitting next to me and her head turned my way. Before I looked she must have been looking for about 2-3 seconds. so I then notice and look over and our eyes just met and locked and we stared into each other's eyes for a about 2-3 seconds (she still hadn't broke the initial eye contact I looked to see her making). Then I looked down to her cheeks for about another 2-3 seconds, because they looked warm/inviting/interested looking, etc., but as I looked down at her cheeks she still looked at me from out of the corner of my eye. I then looked away. Then another day i walked towards her to sit next to her and she looked up and smiled at me and when someone mentioned mcdonalds not being healthy and I eat it too much and joking about it, this woman (who mad eye contact) would look and also smile/laugh in a teasing way. Then they asked about how I felt about hugging someone earlier in the day and I said I don't know. SHe then seemed to reach out to me to help and said was it good or bad or inbetween, but I noticed as she was saying her facial expression seemed very caring/concerned. Then after the group my ear piercing came out and I was looking in the reflection in the door window to see fix it back and she initiated a brief chat and said "are you hurt" and I said no, its just came out and she said "oh right its just came out". but whilst we had that exchange she was smiling/laughing at me, but not that she was making fun of me, if that makes sense

2013-05-10 21:45:48

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