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Need advice getting my baby to sleep please!?

My daughter is 5 months old and pretty much used to fall asleep on her own in the Moses basket when she was much younger. As she got a bit older we reluctantly started rocking her but still was asleep by 7pm most nights. Well 3 nights ago we moved her into the cot but still in our room and she just doesn't seem to like it! She is obviously very tired but just screams and screams. What's is the right thing to do? Get her to sleep in our arms first then put her down? Don't really want to be starting that. Leave her to cry herself to sleep? Seems a bit cruel :( this is all new to us as like I say she was always good in the Moses basket and fell asleep on her own. She feeds really well and we bath her before her last bottle. I've actually noticed that she eventually falls asleep now at 8.30pm (used to be7pm) and wakes in the night now too when she used to sleep right through until 5am. Just need some advice please as just don't want to get into a bad routine. Thank you.

2013-05-10 21:46:54

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