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Cut/Would on the ball of my feet under the big toe won't heal?

Right on the ball of my right foot under the big toe, where the crease of the ball of your feet exists I ended up either getting a cut there or the skin may have even cracked open. Now I have some slight callus on my big toe and around that area but where this cut started it wasn't there. It's been over a month and I haven't been too worried seeing as it only bled for a day or so but now the inside of the cut won't heal. The walls of the cut itself seem to be healing fine but they won't bridge the gap. Now the walls of the cut are kind of callused themselves. I could fit a grain of rice or 2 into the crevice of the cut, and sometimes if I'm too busy on my feet the crevice will split open and show wet flesh underneath. I thought maybe the hardened walls of the cut were the reason why it wouldn't close so I have tried cutting them down with toenail clippers a few times to try to get everything to heal from the bottom, but instead it just lets the walls of the cut grow back harder and thicker while the inside crevice stays the same. I've tried putting Neosporin on it a few times, its kind of a hard area to put a band aid so I don't know if it really helps. Like I said I'm not overly worried, it usually doesn't hurt unless I'm doing serious work on my feet or running for too long. I'm just used to healing on my own super fast and wondering why this is any different. It's not overly huge like a sore, it really is more "cut/crack" looking so any input on what is going on would be great :) my other foot is fine other than a callus on my big toe which I might try one of those pedeggs or something to get rid of those. Should I just look forward to always having a hard callused crack on the ball of my feet? or is there yet hope of bridging the gap? I appreciate the input

2013-05-10 21:45:46

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