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Break My Leg So I Need Crutches?

Ok, now, I asked this earier. I do not care. I am not falling down stairs or jumping off buildings. Ok, so there is this big slide at Forest Park, right, and I climb on it all the time. Now, I want to jump off it. I have, but my leg only hurt a little. I want to BREAK MY LEG. And make it hurt. Give it effect. So, the slide is about twelve feet tall. How do I jump off it to make my leg just.... Snap? Quick and simple. Or, there are swings. I can climb on anything at that park. Just tell me how to break a leg. Yes, I am a complete and utter moron. Thank you bros. Also, I bet you right now, that about 50% of you are going to be complete ***holes about this. No, I don't want any online addresses either.

2013-05-11 06:19:43

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