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NOT A TROLL D: Please help D:?

Okay, you ready? I accidently shaved this spot on my head. Ok, Its not *that* big, but I'm a girl, so I'm feeling awkward walking around with a emo fringe dragged across my face to hide it. Basicly, I was in the bath, and I got distracted and bored and dicided to find out if a razor could cut hair. I though it would only take out a few strands if any, but a clump of hair fell right into my hand. I could let it grow back, but here's the problem: I have dyed hair. Its originally blonde, now its like, blood red. it will grow back blonde and I'm too embarrased to tell my parents. I mean, I accidently shaved my head. Thats a stupid thing to do D: So, 2 questions: 1) How can I hide it? and 2) how long will it take to grow back? Thanks in Advance x

2013-05-13 18:54:10

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