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Is it ok to love your pets more than your friends?

I love animals and its been a half decade since I became a vegetarian. And I had many many pets from cow, goats, rabbits, Guinea Pig, many birds, etc.. and still have many pets. I found sometimes that that they were better than my friends. They loved me more than that I loved. I have many good friends though, but I feel my pets are better. I had many Guinea Pigs and I always loved to be with them. I even slept with Guinea Pigs in my bed, but suddenly all died due to heavy rain in my area, they were kept outside in a cage due to my house's poor condition. But after that, I missed my them a lot! So, have you ever felt the same? Is it good or bad to love your pets more than your friends? Anyway, thank you for all your answers.

2013-05-13 18:58:49

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