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I fell on my head and now I feel really dizzy?

Basically I got bucked off a pony I was riding and landed on the side of my head. I didn't go unconcious (luckily) though my vision was quite blurry and I had that feeling you get when you come round after fainting, though I dont think I did because I remember falling and I remember trying to stand up straight after. The back of my jaw hurt a little bit after but apart from that I felt fine, hoewever its been about 6-7 hours and now suddenly Im getting a bad headache and I feel dizzy and my vision goes a little blury whenever I sit down or stand up. What should I do? I understand this is probably normal seen as I did fall on my head but will I be ok by tomorrow? Is it serious(go see a doctor) or should I just take a parecetomol and have a good rest haha thanks

2013-05-13 18:56:58

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