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Styling product for men that doesn't get hard at all?

Men: do you know what your hair is like about 10 minutes after you towel off from a shower? It holds in place well without being rigid, it is ALMOST dry, but not quite. Is there a product that can achieve this same level of control (i.e. stays very flexible but acts as the "slight dampness" that allows me to control my hair)? Everything I've used so far has made my hair hard and dry. If I have any sort of product in, and I mess around with my hair during the day, it gets matted and disgusting. I have eye-length hair and I want something that bends and allows me to move my hair around as much as I want throughout the day, but STILL gives me as much control as my hair 10 minutes after taking a shower.

2013-05-13 18:59:18

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