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What is wrong with my Daughter?

have a 17 year old daughter. She is out of control to say the least. She doesnt go to college because she dropped out of 3 courses. She was diagnosed with Major depression last year with psychosis. I am on the verge of kicking her out. - She is so angry, she will come in and yell and scream, she beats her sister up and she will trash the house, she throws stuff at me. - She stays up all night and keeps us all up, she will play her music up on full blast. - She has lost all of her friends except one and she isnt the best influence. Although she does go out late at night and meet boys, she had gotten pregnant with a 24 year old man!!! but she aborted. - She has overdosed on drugs, trying to kill herself before. - She sits there and cries for hours at times and then shes fine. - She says that on her course that they are all ***** and try and make fun of her. I dont know what to do. She hasnt been to her psychiatrist since september and she refuses to go back.

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