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How to get rid of a ''Creepypasta Depression'' ?

Hi, I'm 14. I read this Tom and Jerry Creepypasta today, and since after, I'm feeling as depressed as the cousin mentioned in the story. How to get rid of it ? Here's the story - The following story is what my cousin told me and to be frank you can take from it what you will... maybe he was making it up or maybe there was some truth in it... at any rate it will likely raise a few eyebrows, it sure did when I told it to my friends... It began, my cousin claims, one night when he was on the computer - one of his friends sent him a pirated version of a supposedly unaired Tom and Jerry episode named "Suffering": my cousin was skeptical of this and played it expecting a hoax. Instead what he got was the traditional Tom and Jerry intro, which cut to a red screen with the text Suffering printed in bold. The screen faded to show Tom sitting alone in what appeared to be an abandoned house, looking rather ill and dejected - he just sat there for a few minutes in silence before he got to his feet and slowly made his way over to a nearby wall. Tom stared at the mouse hole in the wall for a few more minutes as the camera shifted, zooming into the mouse hole and revealing Jerry in his little matchbox "bed" - the camera zooming in on the mouse, who lay motionless with his eyes closed as if asleep. Jerry's fur was lighter than usual and everything was silent - in stark contrast to the usual chaos of the cartoon. The camera once again zoomed out to show Tom standing outside the mouse hole, the cat suddenly breaking down on the spot as he cried bitterly and fell to his knees: banging on the wall repeatedly. The camera zoomed back to Jerry, still laying in the little match-box bed: Tom banging on the wall outside as Jerry remained absolutely still. The scene then faded to black and a message appeared reading: "Life is fleeting and it is not until it is gone that friends truly understand... years of arguing come to an end... petty squabbling... pointless suffering... now it is too late... you had your chance... you are alone..." My cousin claims that's where it ended and he felt a deep sense of despair in his heart which he says never really went away, even today he claims to feel that same sense of despair - as if someone or something had taken away his sense of meaning. I asked my cousin to show me the episode but he said he wouldn't want me to feel the way he did and refused, in some ways that made me kind of doubtful at first... though now, looking back, I feel he genuinely didn't want to share whatever he experienced with me... The rest I shall leave for you to decide.

2013-05-13 18:57:19

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039 039 Creepypasta Depression 039 039 I 039 m Creepypasta today after I 039 m feeling depressed cousin mentioned story Here 039 s following my cousin frank you you will making it up some truth will likely eyebrows it sure my friends It began cousin claims one night the computer friends sent pirated version a supposedly unaired and Jerry episode named quot Suffering quot cousin was skeptical played it expecting hoax Instead the traditional intro which screen with the Suffering printed in bold The screen Tom sitting appeared to abandoned house looking rather dejected few minutes silence before got to slowly his way nearby wall Tom stared in the minutes as camera shifted zooming into and revealing little matchbox quot bed quot camera zooming mouse who lay motionless eyes closed asleep Jerry 039 s lighter than usual everything silent contrast usual chaos cartoon The camera zoomed out standing outside cat suddenly breaking the spot bitterly fell to knees banging the wall repeatedly The camera zoomed to Jerry laying little match box banging on outside Jerry remained absolutely still The black and message appeared reading quot Life fleeting until it friends truly understand arguing come end petty squabbling pointless suffering late you chance are alone quot My cousin claims that 039 s it ended sense of despair he says really away even claims that same despair if someone something had taken of meaning I cousin me the episode he wouldn 039 t the way refused in some kind of doubtful first though now looking he genuinely didn 039 t share whatever experienced with me The to decide 0

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